Sunday, July 9, 2017

Col. Tom Kratman, Esq, tells me that Hitler was Right Wing

yet the Antifags cheer a speech made up entirely of Hitler quotes modified to reflect the 21st century USA.

worse, this is NOT the first time that this "trick" has been pulled on Leftists.  the susceptibility of modern Cultural Marxist indoctrinated Left to the Rhetoric of Hitler has been known since the 1960s.  you know, the Hippie generation, the Boomers, the generation that was reared on the Nuremberg Trials and Holocaust Porn like no other.

but ignorant college maledumacated degree holders like Kratman will expend hours "explaining" to you how National Socialism ( notice the Socialism is right there in the name ) and Fascism are "ideologies of the Right".

IS National Socialism to the Right of Communism?


but, does that make National Socialism "Right Wing"?

don't be a damn retard.   the only thing that *may* be to the Left of Communism would be a full blown Anarchist.  National Socialism is to "Right" of Communism and International Socialism in the same way that orthodox Marxist Socialists are to the "Right" of Communists.  that is to say, JUST BARELY, and slightly further Right than the orthodox International Socialists.

here's a further explication:
your entire political spectrum extends from Anarchy on the Left to National Socialism on the "Right"
where do you place Monarchical forms of government? 

your entire political axis is wholly composed of Mass and / or Socialist forms of government with alll power devolved down to the masses or individuals and would seem to have great difficulty positioning any sort of ideology in which complete governmental power is vested in a single man.  how on earth could anyone even conceive of a situation in which a singular tyrannical figure holding all power over the polity is the MIDPOINT of this scale?

ah, but you say that Hitler was a dictator?  he was no more a dictator than Lenin or Stalin or Mao or Pol Pot or Che Guevara, etc, etc.  to deny Hitler's position as an ideological Leftist because he governed in a Tyrannical fashion utilizing a Cult of Personality is to deny as 'Leftist' every Marxist leader of note in the 20th Century.

check and mate, bitches.

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