Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Huckeye

what is the Huckeye, you ask?  why, that's quite simple; it's a Hoosier Buckeye.

why would you use a Hoosier recipe to create an Ohio pastry you ask?  that's also quite simple;  Buckeye's don't know how to Buckeye properly.  it's like asking an Alpha how to Alpha or asking a woman what she wants.  they really don't know how they do what they do.  they just know it works for them and they can't understand why it doesn't work for you.

so, you've got to get the recipe from people who have spent a lot of time observing ( and being annoyed by ) Buckeyes in order to get a deep understanding of how to make a truly great Buckeye.

before we get started there's one general principle you should observe whether you're baking or mixing cement:  start with the wettest ingredients first and then fold in the drier ingredients as you go.  this will insure better and easier mixing and you won't have issues with dry materials and clumping as you would if you dumped the dry stuff in first and then tried to add the liquids later.  the only time you should avoid doing this is if you *have* to mix in a certain order in order to get a specific chemical reaction or you're trying to grow yeast or something.

The Huckeye Buckeye Recipe (basic recipe makes 6 1/2 to 7 dozen with small scoop)
If needed thin chocolate with crisco or wax - never use water
Double Boiler
4 Cookie Sheets
Cookie Dough Scoop, Small
Tongs, Small
Wax Paper
200 cupcake wrapper and 2 cardboard cake boxes
1 stick melted butter
18 oz. creamy peanut butter
1 lb. powdered sugar
3 C. rice crispies
2 lbs. chocolate of choice ( Nestle and Ghiradelli morsels are good, also dark chocolate )
Crisco or wax as needed ( should only be necessary if melting chocolate in a regular sauce pan instead of double boiler )
Other suggestions for what to dump in left over chocolate:
redskin peanuts, any nut of choice, pretzels, toffee bits, marshmallow, caramel, peppermints or other hard candies...use your imagination but plan to have something on hand for leftover chocolate because there will be extra. wink_smile
Use large mixer ( => 5 qts ) if making double batches
1 - Melt the stick of butter
2 - Mix together melted butter and peanut butter
3 - Add powdered sugar 
4 - Fold in the Rice Crispies
5 - Use small cookie dough scoop to shape and size the peanut butter balls, place the balls on the wax paper lined cookie trays and chill.  Best to do this in cold weather, otherwise the refrigerator will need to be pretty much empty
6 - Melt chocolate in double boiler over medium low heat while the preceding is going on.  if using a regular sauce pan, mix constantly and watch the heat closely so the chocolate doesn't get burned
7 - Use tongs to dip chilled peanut butter balls into the melted chocolate and return to trays, being sure to not quite submerge the entire ball so that the trademark tan spot of the Buckeye is left exposed
8 - Chill cookie trays again until chocolate sets
9 - Once set, you can proceed to individually wrap the Buckeyes ... or you can just toss them in a plastic baggy.

Just dump any nuts or whatever the spirit moves into left over chocolate and scoop out onto covered trays and chill.