Monday, May 29, 2017

The Self Deception of the Feminist Mind

Feminist does research on Men's Rights and

... is convinced by the Men's arguments.

everything is still about her.

well ... THAT was a shocking conclusion.  who could have expected Feminine Solipsism?  from a Feminist, no less?

it is interesting to note that when discoursing with a woman, you are NOT arguing for or against a position you actually hold.  ( go to the 3:00 and listen to how she analyzes her own responses to the Dialectic of the Men's activists )

you're arguing for a position that she wants to ACCUSE YOU of holding.  those from Vox Popoli will remember Ann Morgan losing her mind in the "marriage IS consent" thread.  it's rare that i so baldly see described what is actually going on in a woman's head, to produce these kinds of arguments and accusations against her interlocutor.

TED deleted the original video but is still hosting it on YouTube so i corrected the link, this is still the original speech though.

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