Monday, May 8, 2017

Congratulations on finally getting to the Winner's Circle, Danica!

wait, what's this?  Danica's *not* in her firesuit?  what could possibly be going on here?


oh noes.

this is awful.

it turns out that even Mr. Danica Henhouse is a better driver than Danica is.

what's really scary is that Roush-Fenway might have finally figured out their performance issues.  if the Roush cars can start running regularly within sight of the Penske Fords, Ricky and Trevor Bayne could both post wins this season.

thus far in 2017, Danica's best finish out of 10 races is a 17th.  Henhouse only has three finishes worse than Danica's best, and he really hasn't started to come on until the last five races.  Bayne has been much more consistent throughout the season, with only two finishes outside the top twenty.

sounds like Danica is going to have to get used to being the Bottom in this relationship ....

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