Thursday, January 19, 2017

MMA fighters getting boxing licenses: Why?

McGregor has had a California boxing license for several months now.

Nate Diaz is filing for a Nevada boxing license.

so, is this JUST about Nate and Conor branching out into other combat sports?  is it just about them finding new ways to fight each other?  or maybe so they can both fight Mayweather?


or maybe there's a little bit MORE to the situation than that.  you see, MMA fighters are *not* covered by the Federal Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act.  while boxers, as you might expect from the name, are.

what implications could the Boxing Reform Act apply to Conor and Nate ... and any other MMA fighter who signs up for a boxing license?

welllllllll, let's let Randy Couture break it down:

so Conor and Nate are now, technically, covered by the Federal Boxing Reform Act.  thus, Conor and Nate ... could possibly ... use this law to both force the UFC to disclose their financials AND break the exclusivity contracts that the UFC has on them.

do you think maybe Conor has made enough money that he can afford to litigate this?

do you think maybe Nate wouldn't love a chance to join forces with Conor in this kind of a suit?

is McGregor ever going to fight Mayweather?  i don't know.  it would be a massive payday for both of these men, so it COULD happen just for that reason.

but Conor is a pretty smart man.  and it just MAY be possible that he was manufacturing the beef with Mayweather as a feint to provide cover and justification for his applying for a boxing license because he's been intending to use US Federal law to break his UFC exclusivity contract for a year now.

and if that's what's going on?  we can all cry crocodile tears for those Hollywood sharks at WME-IMG.  because it looks like the Fertitta's grabbed the ripcord and punched out at the absolute top of the market and left the Jews at WME holding the bag on all the liabilities when this blows up.

because if all the fighters contracted to UFC ( as well as all the other MMA orgs ) figure out that they can flip the bird to the UFC about fight exclusivity and simply be getting boxing licenses?  what assets does UFC actually have?  they've got the broadcast deals ... but without fighters, they've got nothing to broadcast.

how would you short WME talent agency?

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