Thursday, December 29, 2016

A study in neuro-deviant deflection

notice all the false equivalencies and lies Weiner tells here:
1 - Weiner has *asked* EVERY prospective voter to judge him, by the very act of asking them to support him
2 - this is the United States, WE are judged by our PEERS here.  demanding 'superiority' from your interlocutor is a canard
3 - notice how Weiner cowers behind children, hectoring the other man for what he said in front of them.  this is particularly delicious now that we know that Weiner sends dick pics to under age girls and uses his infant son as a stage prop in them
4 - Weiner hides behind his rabbi
5 - Weiner claims that his 'service' to the community excuses his behavior
6 - Weiner expresses NO REMORSE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS at any point

this is a case study in the interpersonal tactics and attacks which neuro-deviants commonly use.

they prey upon your assumption of their goodwill and integrity.


  1. Can't watch it, he's too repulsive. He had a hot wife and did not know what to do with her!

  2. she was skinny, she never had anything else to recommend her.

    and that's only the skin deep issue. the deeper issue is that Huma is an evil piece of shit herself. Huma describes her first meeting with Hillary in terms that you might mistake for seeing the love of her life for the first time ... if you didn't know that she was NOT talking about Anthony.

    Huma loves Evil and associates with thoroughly Evil people because she herself is thorougly Evil.