Saturday, September 24, 2016

Gene Simmons: Racing Traitor or Race of Traitors?

So, back on the Juice question, way back in 2006 Gene Simmons managed to buffalo Tony George and IRL into signing a marketing deal.

Now you have to remember that, being of the Tribe, Simmons has never once in his life expressed any interest in racing.  Not even back in the 70s at the height of his rock n roll days when racing was really crazy and bad ass.

What did IndyCar get for their money?

Well, they got this half assed theme song

And they got Simmons showing up at all of the races and doing his patented ... 'marketing' with the media.

How did that marketing go?

Well, back before SpeedTV became FoxSports1, Dave Despain had a Sunday night show called Wind Tunnel which was a powerhouse in motorsports broadcasting, covering a broad range of racing disciplines.  Simmons did an interview.  In what should have been the middle of the exchange, Gene made a reference to how "filled with American drivers" IndyCar was in relation to CART ... and cited Dan Wheldon as an example of this.

Slight problem:
"Daniel Clive Wheldon was born in Emberton, near Olney, Buckinghamshire, England"

 Dave Despain made the 'error' of pointing out to Simmons that Wheldon wasn't a US citizen ... something anyone would have noticed simply by watching any interview Wheldon had done and noting his accent.

Simmons immediately went off in a rant, accusing Despain ( who hadn't mentioned anything about nationality or 'American' ) of prejudice and haranguing him for Dave's supposed lack  of tolerance for others.

Needless to say, the interview came to a quick close after Simmons had embarrassed the hell out of his IRL clients.

Now, obviously, Gene had been engaging in Lying, Projection and Doubling Down that Vox Day has noted.  It's what you regularly see with deceitful personalities.

I haven't been able to find video of this exchange but you can see a forum thread about this exchange here:

Verdict:  Race of Traitors who betrayed Racing

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