Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Real Hollywood Blacklist

was of non-Communists before the HUAC hearings ever took place.

notice the name John Wayne mentions at the end of this video, Morrie Ryskind:

who was Morrie Ryskind?  a Jew, a Pulitzer Prize winning screenwriter, a composer, a card carrying member of the Socialist Party of America.  what happened to Morrie when he left the Left?  it's obvious enough, he has no, NONE, ZERO Hollywood credits after 1945.  the HUAC Hollywood hearings didn't happen until 1947.

now, Morrie didn't die until 1985.  so, for 40 years we're supposed to believe that no work could be found in Hollywood for an award winning, money making Jew?

and we're supposed to feel sorry for Communists who were supporting the murder of tens of millions of people through their support of Mao and Stalin ... because they had to drive cabs for a couple of years?

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