Thursday, July 28, 2016

This is what the Cultural Marxists think of as "subtle" ...

so, USA network is doing a series called 'Mr. Robot'.

on the interwebs, they've put up an advertising website called

when you visit this site, it pops up a faux dialog box to a group called "root@fsociety:"

the first control option for "root of society"?  massacre.

if you type this command in, you are presented with a fake 80s horror movie with this title
"The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie"


no, that's not a reference to the war which was openly declared back in 1848.  nor is it a declaration of allegiance on the part of the producers or script writers for this show.  nor is it an endorsement of the homicidal lunacy of Mao and Stalin and so many others.

no.  of course not.  that's crazy talk.  that's John Birch Society conspiritard derangement.

to quote part of the prescripted dialog in the box:
"You can't stop being a puppet if you never even see the strings."


  1. You and your friends are real mouthy tough guys on the internet. I'm looking forward to our meeting, bitchling. You won't be anonymous then. A lot less mouthy, too.

    See ya.

  2. wait.

    so, I'M the "mouthy tough guy on the internet".

    but you're the one threatening me? on the internet?

    well, you know what Vox says:
    SJWs always project.