Monday, June 27, 2016

Inverse Proportionality

so, ElBo made a post the other day in which he asserted that "I suspect that the Uber-rich, should they decide to take up hunting as a sport, would quickly grow as bored of killing helpless humans":

and it crystallized a thought for me.

i've long talked about how many people are wholly fixated on Social Dominance of others, of how they have no interest in how much money or effort they expend in the effort, of how counter productive their methodology may be to their nominal goals ... so long as their efforts allow them to force everyone around them to submit.

i made the point to ElBo that prolonged torture / murder of the helpless is precisely what the worst of these people are after.  it explains the existence of so many high ranking British pols in the Paedophile Information Exchange

and the barely concealed networks of pedophiles amongst the high ranking DC elites.

and that thought is this:
for a given personality, the proclivity for Social Dominance would be inversely proportional to his proclivity for empathy / concern for others. 

for the one trait operates TO THE EXCLUSION OF THE OTHER.  how do you socially dominate and abuse someone you care for?  how do you care for someone whom you casually subject to abuse and ( often )  humiliation by others?

you can't.

and that is the error that Senor Borak made in his assessment of these people;  being decently empathic himself, ElBo projected that expectation of empathy onto his characterization of others.

but this is a major category error, for those people are NOTHING like neuro-typicals.

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