Saturday, October 31, 2015

Internet terms and abbreviations

411 - information on something, derived from 411 being a general information telephone number you can call in the US much like 911 is a general emergency phone number
ad hom - ad hominem attack in a discussion; against the posting guidelines but the mod is the final arbitrator on whether or not a post crosses this threshold
AIM - AOL Instant Messenger
Avatar - the picture that is displayed to the left of your message. the option for changing this is at the bottom of your Profile menu.
BBB - big bad@$$ buick; i drive this 71 electra 225 once in a while. 'ware the bow wave
BBTL - bump before the lock; how brad & i used to tweak the mods noses whilst over at ars technica. ah, good times, good times
BTW - by the way
C/P - cut and paste
CMB - Community Message Board {Forum Index Grouping}
DA - devil's advocate/district attorney;one defends slime the other puts them away
DB - Database; the IBDoF has one
DC - distributed computing; a bio/science/math program which uses the internet and participating PC's to assemble a virtual supercomputer to attack such problems as finding prime numbers, curing SARS, developing an antidote to anthrax, folding proteins or searching for LGM's
DCA - Distributed Computing Arcana; a forum on the Ars Technica boards devoted to Distributed Computing
DOD - dildo of death; used to greet post whores who have crossed the 4-digit posting barrier, much as sea-men are initiated after crossing the equator for the first time
DotD - defender of the database; an ephemeral title once granted to me, since rescinded through no fault of my own (edit: ooooh, it's back, it's back! look quick before it disappears again)
Flame Suit - metaphorically donned by someone who is about to post a subject or opinion which he knows will be controversial
Flame War - heated online catfight, often involving ad hominem arguments and unsuitable language. such a thread is prime IBTL and PC++ territory
FUBAR - f'd up beyond all repair (1 step up from TARFU)
Haxor - computer hacker or, more often, a teenager who plays computer games
HC - hard cover
IBDoF - Acronym for the Internet Book Database of Fiction; why isn't it called the IDBoF? i dunno, try calling 1-800-GET-A-CLU
IBTL - in before the lock; posted in response to a thread which is either clearly off topic, ad hominem or totally without merit and which will be locked as soon as a mod shows up. often seen in conjunction with PC++
IIRC - if i remember correctly; consider yourself warned about my alzheimer's
IM - instant message/ing;real time message system such as YIM, AIM or WM
IME - in my experience
IMHO - in my humble opinion
IMNSHO - in my not so humble opinion
IMO - in my opinion
IP - intellectual property; something that is subject to copyright/trade mark/registration law: also internet protocol; used to configure your computer or talk on a local network/to the internet
IRC - internet relay chat; live chat channels sometimes hosted by a forum (not this one though)
IRC - i remember correctly; how dare you question me you little pipsqueak
leet - haxor speak for 'elite' or 'better than you'; usually used in reference to coding programs or playing computer games
LGM - little green men; extra-terrestrials or martians
Lock - the process of rendering it impossible to reply to a thread
LOL - laugh out loud
LOS - line of sight; lines of supply
L4 or L5 - the most stable lagrange orbit points. see this thread for descriptive picture. see posts below that for in depth discussion
Lurker - someone who peruses the board without ever adding content or participating in a conversation; shown as 'Guest' on the board stats
Mod - formal usage: moderator; forum referee, usually has broad authority to edit, delete or lock threads/posts/members (hint: it's usually a Bad Idea to insult or abuse a mod, especially in his home forum)
MOD - informal usage: Master Of Digression, a forum poster reknowned for his ability to fold, spindle or mutilate a thread so far from it's intended purpose that it's original subject is no longer decipherable.
MMP - mass market paperback; whenever possible, this will be the version linked by the IBDoF
MPAI - most people are idiots
MUE - mindless user error; OE
NDP - nom de plume; alternate or pen name when an author would prefer not to use their real name
NM - never mind
NMO - not my opinion
Noob - slang spelling of newbie; a newcomer or initiate - you if you actually need to read this FAQ
NPC - not politically correct: also non-player character when used in reference to video/computer games
OADF - Official Author Discussio Forum {Forum Index Grouping}
OE - operator error; what the computer help desk is always telling you
OT - off topic; a reply which takes the thread in a direction unrelated to the original post
OTOH - on the other hand
PC - politically correct
PC++ - post count plus; stylized as if in a programming language
PEBCAK - problem exists between chair and keyboard; also known as OE
PICNIC - problem in chair, not in computer; also known as OE (when is somebody gonna make fun of these help desk people?)
PIG - people in general; specific people are okay, i just can't stand PIGs
Post Whore - someone who posts at a profligate rate, often simply to raise their post total. also Brad_H :wink:
PM - personal/private mail; messages posted through the board that can only be seen by the individual recipient. both sender and receiver must be registered on the board
RAH - Robert A. Heinlein
RAYOR - read at your own risk; a spoiler warning
RL - real life; you know, that place without a computer or internet access
ROFL - rolling on floor laughing
RTFM - read the f'ing manual
RTM - read the manual
S/N - signal to noise ratio; please take all of your noise to the soapbox
SNAFU - situation normal, all f'd up
Stats Whore - someone who just likes watching numbers go up; you might be a stats whore if you're a baseball fan but if you play Progress Quest, Diablo II or participate in a DC program your soul is lost
SWAG - Scientific (or Stupid) Wild @ssed Guess
TANSTAAFL - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch
TARFU: Things Are Really F'd Up (1 step up from SNAFU)
TCWB - Time Consuming Work Bomb, most often an off-handed suggestion about improvements to the database that needs a HUGE amount of effort to accomplish, but is definately worth it.
TIA - thanks in advance
TP - trade paperback
UADF - Unofficial Author Discussio Forum {Forum Index Grouping}
WAG - wild @ssed guess
WM - windows messenger == the spawn of satan
WTF - what the f
WTH - what the heck / hell
WTK - what the krell; a DC variant of WTH using the name of an infamous cheater in place of the more usual subjects
W/O - without
YACA - yet another car analogy
YIM - Yahoo Instant Messenger
YGM - you've got mail, subject to a pending AOL lawsuit
YMMV - your mileage may vary

Sunday, October 25, 2015

As the English hate, so do the Germans

Hymn of Hate against England
Ernst Lissauer's WW1 hate-poem  
HaƟgesang gegen England

French and Russian, they matter not,
A blow for a blow and a shot for a shot!
We love them not, we hate them not,
We hold the Weichsel and Vosges gate.
We have but one and only hate,
We love as one, we hate as one,
We have one foe and one alone.
He is known to you all, he is known to you all,
He crouches behind the dark gray flood,
Full of envy, of rage, of craft, of gall,
Cut off by waves that are thicker than blood.
Come, let us stand at the Judgment Place,
An oath to swear to, face to face,
An oath of bronze no wind can shake,
An oath for our sons and their sons to take.
Come, hear the word, repeat the word,
Throughout the Fatherland make it heard.
We will never forego our hate,
We have all but a single hate,
We love as one, we hate as one,
We have one foe and one alone —


In the Captain's Mess, in the banquet hall,
Sat feasting the officers, one and all,
Like a sabre blow, like the swing of a sail,
One seized his glass and held high to hail;
Sharp-snapped like the stroke of a rudder's play,
Spoke three words only: "To the Day!"
Whose glass this fate?
They had all but a single hate.
Who was thus known?
They had one foe and one alone--

Take you the folk of the Earth in pay,
With bars of gold your ramparts lay,
Bedeck the ocean with bow on bow,
Ye reckon well, but not well enough now.
French and Russian, they matter not,
A blow for a blow, a shot for a shot,
We fight the battle with bronze and steel,
And the time that is coming Peace will seal.
You we will hate with a lasting hate,
We will never forego our hate,
Hate by water and hate by land,
Hate of the head and hate of the hand,
Hate of the hammer and hate of the crown,
Hate of seventy millions choking down.
We love as one, we hate as one,
We have one foe and one alone--
Translation by Barbara Henderson, as it appeared in THE NEW YORK TIMES of Oct. 15th, 1914.
You might almost think that the Anglo-Saxon and German shared some family traits.  To be fair, though, Lissauer was Jewish.

The Beginnings

by Rudyard Kipling

It was not part of their blood,
     It came to them very late
   With long arrears to make good,
     When the English began to hate.

   They were not easily moved,
      They were icy-willing to wait
   Till every count should be proved,
     Ere the English began to hate.

   Their voices were even and low,
     Their eyes were level and straight.
   There was neither sign nor show,
     When the English began to hate.

   It was not preached to the crowd,
     It was not taught by the State.
   No man spoke it aloud,
     When the English began to hate.

   It was not suddenly bred,
     It will not swiftly abate,
   Through the chill years ahead,
     When Time shall count from the date
     That the English began to hate.