Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rachel Maddow too damn stupid to use Google to vet her stories

IF you search 'Trump 2005 tax return' NOW all you'll see are page after page of articles about Rachel Maddow's "big reveal" tonight, two pages of a regular 1040.

if, however, you think to reverse date sort OR if you think to add the term 'Wall Street Journal' you find this:

which is an entire WSJ article from 2016 ... about Donald J. Trump's 2005 tax return.


so, here's what we know about MSNBC and Rachel Maddow:
1 - they like committing felonies ( releasing the tax return of ANY private citizen without permission is a felony, on the part of both the reporter and the IRS employee who released it )

2 - they don't like doing basic research on their "breaking news" stories, like, you know, Google searches

3 - Trump pays a higher percentage of  his income in tax ... than MSNBC

4 - not only does MSNBC like to commit felonies ... it plagiarizes those felonies from more professional news organizations

there will be much ice cream consumed for Lesbian Dorito Night tonight.


for x == penis ( although this is one of the few cases in which we most certainly do NOT wish to remove kebab )


for x == Louise Mensch

for x == Mexican drug cartels


for x == illegal aliens


for x == the Pope


for x == kebab

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Neo-Con Jew Bill Kristol declares war on "We The People"


and, incidentally, exposes that the Neo-Cons ( euphemism for Jewish ex-Communists who decided to infiltrate the Republican Party and subvert it ) were never any kind of friend to the Right or to the White.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Totally called the Conor McGregor thing


McGregor is threatening the UFC that if they don't find a way to get this done he's going to use
his new boxing license and registration to have the Mayweather fight without the UFC involved in any way.

i tell you what, if Floyd offers McGregor ~$30 million WITHOUT a cut for the UFC?  i guarantee this fight happens.

previous post on this subject here:

Friday, January 27, 2017

Chris Gerrib beclowns himself



<i>1) Authoritarian. There is a Strong Leader and we must follow him.</i>

Vox doesn't demand that anyone follow anyone and has repeatedly noted that Donny Tinyhands is not an "ideologically pure" Conservative or Libertarian and should not be expected to hew perfectly to either of those ideologies.

i'm not sure i'm aware of any leader ( about which Vox has spoken ) who he has not critiqued at one point or another.

compare and contrast to Hillary Clinton, of whom any criticism is asserted to be "sexist".

Vox 0-1
Hillary supporters 1-0

<i>2) Hyper-patriotic. Not "our country right or wrong" but "our country is never wrong."</i>

Vox is so convinced that the US is in the wrong that ... he moved to Italy.

Hillary Clinton, who was involved in overthrowing the Ukrainian gov, threatens war for the mere implication that another nation may have "interfered" with US elections.

Vox 0-2
Hillary supporters 2-0

<i>3) Intolerant of dissent. Peaceful protests or disagreements are seen as threats.</i>

Vox regularly permits people to argue and disagree with him on his own blog.  the only people who get banned are those who refuse to source their facts or who are simply trolling.

which is why there are extensive assaults upon Trump supporters ( or just dumb White people who are too stupid to be wary of Blacks pretending to be friendly ) by Hillary / Obama / Bernie supporters, while reports of the converse have almost all been shown to be manufactured incidents or no documentation ( likely fabrications ).

Vox 0-3
Hillary supporters 3-0

<i>4) Objectively pro-wealthy ....</i>

Vox understands that many of the wealthy are rent seekers.

Jimmy Dore asserts that current Democrat party is entirely beholden to moneyed interests and that this is why Hillary was chosen as your candidate.

and, gosh, the unions in Russia and China sure have a lot of power now that the Communists rule.  *snicker*

nevertheless, i won't bother arguing the point that by your lights Vox doesn't have a problem with wealth or that Hillary would likely have raised the top marginal rates.

Vox 1-3
Hillary supporters 3-1

<i>5)  Militaristic. They may not want to use the military (see Mussolini) but damn it they want a big and shiny one.</i>

Vox and Trump both advocate the US disengaging from many of the shitstorms we're in, primarily because we can't afford them.  to the extent that they are 'militaristic', it's that they'd prefer that it be functional and ready to serve the interests of the nation.

Obama, the Peace Prize president, not only kept us in Afghanistan and Iraq, we've now dealing with bullshit all over Africa and the ME due to his incompetence.  Hillary promises to further the Obama policies and was threatening war with Russia.  we are actively engaged in Syria.

Vox 2-3
Hillary supporters 4-1

<i>6) Fearful.<i>

what the fuck is Vox supposed to be 'afraid' of?  he took on all of you clowns in the SFWA and he still hasn't gone away.

compare and contrast to the way all of you talk about Donny Tinyhands.

fire up the ovens!

Vox 2-4
Hillary supporters 5-1

<i>7) Action without thought. We need to build a wall to keep out Mexicans is action, but doesn't look at the fact that most Mexicans drive or fly across the border.</i>

if you're not going to make the most rudimentary effort to enforce the Law, why should Hispanics who can afford plane tickets think you're going to make any effort to apply the Law to them?

that's as if a heroin addict blamed the cops for his addiction because they didn't prevent him from having access to the drug.

your advice to the cops is ... that they should do less to interdict the heroin?

talk about not thinking.

Vox 2-5
Hillary supporters 6-1

<i>8) Traditionalism. </i>

Vox asserts that the Republican form of government needs to be done away with and Law instituting a universal Democracy ( amongst means tested voters ) needs to be implemented.  verdict, Vox engages in no cult-like worship of the Founders.

Vox has repeatedly told Richard Spencer to stop associating himself with Bellamy salutes or Roman or Fascist symbology.  verdict, Vox engages in no Fascist symbolism.

Hillary supporters, being all about the Feels, won't associate themselves with any Fascist or Nazi symbology.

Marxists, more particularly, have a cult-like worship of "the inevitable Forces of History" ... which is entirely different than worshiping the past.

Vox 2-6
Hillary supporters 6-2

<i>9) Racist. Although this is more visible in Nazi-ism, Fascists are racists in that they see their race (however they define it) as better than other races. In VD's case, he defines the "American" race as people who came over on the Mayflower. </i>

see, now this Mayflower thing is just a bald faced lie.

Vox asserts that under the Constitution, Treaties and current Law, those of Great British heritage, American Indians, freed slaves, and legal immigrants are all valid Americans.

likewise, Vox ( who is part Amerind and Mexican ) is not advocating for the 'superiority' of any particular race and has said so explicitly on numerous occasions. 

does he acknowledge that various races are more suited to some things than others?  umm, duh?  go talk to any Black athlete and see what they say about White people.  there was a movie titled "White Men Can't Jump", for god's sake.

however, given that it's impermissible in the racist mind to admit that there might be Darwinian applications to Homo Sapiens, i'll count this as "racist" for you.

compare and contrast with Hillary supporters talking about how White Men need to be made to pay after she lost the election up too and including Harvard professors advocating that Whites should be genocided.

Vox 3-6
Hillary supporters 7-2

therefore, by your own criteria, Vox Day is not only objectively NOT a Fascist, he is less than half as Fascist as a random Hillary supporter.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

No real church in the US is a 501(c)(3) organization

this amazing assertion can be found here

" ...it is completely unnecessary for any church to apply for tax-exempt status."

now, anyone can assert anything on the Interwebs.

the disturbing thing is that the IRS fact sheets ... say the exact same thing.

"Some organizations are not required to file Form 1023 or 1023-EZ. These include:
  • Churches, interchurch organizations of local units of a church, conventions or associations of churches, or integrated auxiliaries of a church, such as a men's or women's organization, religious school, mission society, or youth group.
  • Any organization (other than a private foundation) normally having annual gross receipts of not more than $5,000 (see Gross receipts test, later).

These organizations are exempt automatically if they meet the requirements of section 501(c)(3)."

therefore, NO CHURCH is 'required' to file Form 1023 or to be licensed as a 501(c)(3) in order to be exempt from, not only paying taxes, but FILING tax paperwork.

and any pastor who tells you otherwise IS LYING.