Sunday, December 10, 2017

TIL that Democracy Now! is an Alt-Right front group

i think it was quite deft of the ((( Sackler's ))) to install a Gentile CEO just in time for the Federal trial.

interesting, that.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

a Trump presidency would be the "end of our civilization."

says a Hillary Clinton supporter who's enjoys men pissing on her and who laughs uproariously about aborting her own child.

remember kids, Chelsea Handler always projects.

Friday, December 1, 2017

White Lives Don't Matter

might i suggest a minor modification to US Law?

how's about any illegal alien convicted of a violent felony on US soil gets summarily executed and hung on the Bigly Beautiful Border Wall?

aliens don't want to be subject to summary execution?  there are two perfectly good options:
1 - don't be in the US illegally and you won't be at risk of any worse than normal sentencing for your crimes
2 - break the Law and enter the US illegally ( yes, i know, redundancy, i'm going slowly for the benefit of the SJW retards ) and don't commit violent crime

i'd also be happy for every US public official responsible for releasing illegals without Deportation also being held to account for all the crimes those illegals commit after being released.

the thought of a 2000 mile wall liberally decorated with the skulls and bodies of violent illegal felons and US mayors and chiefs of police warms the cockles of my shriveled little heart.

currently, the piece of crap who killed her received only a 3 year sentence ... and given that he's already been in jail for 2 years will probably be released in the very near future.  so he's at "risk" of ... deportation?  and he's already been physically deported FIVE times?

i'm not thinking this is much of a deterrent.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

*You* are a Superhuman with powers of Extra-Sensory Perception

turns out that these are some of our autonomous capabilities, only some of which we even know how to train

1 - Deep water descent and return to surface survivable to depths over 600 feet ... on a single breath
2 - Submersion for nearly 15 minutes at a time, on that single breath
3 - Maintain Consciousness with heart rates < 15 BPM
4 - Echolocation ( can be used in atmo )
5 - Magnetic Orientation

kind of sucks to find out that we're all Aquaman now, though.

this makes us the Dorks of the Justice League.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Modern Politics is Narcissism writ Large

note especially the last 'coping mechanism' of the abused, Displacement.

is this not exactly what Ashley Judd was doing to Trump and Republicans?   she was abused by ((( Harvey Weinstein ))), hard Left Liberal.  so who does she attack in public?  why, those of the Right.  she has Displaced *her* abuse onto Harvey's political enemies, so that he will be on her side.

even though she hates Harvey.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Psychopath's Lament

"Aw jeez, oh right, right.  Oh, God, I'm just haunted by that.  I thought what we did was fine but if we ... I can't think of, if I had just come up with the right combination of words, ya know?  That maybe, maybe it would have made the difference."

why would facts matter?

why would morals matter?

why would political philosophy matter?

why would respect for the Constitution and Law and Will of the People matter?

just, ya know, get that "right combination of words".  and keep trying until you get the "right combination of words" necessary in order to manipulate those stupid Goyim into doing what you want.

people on the short bus should know that Al Franken is a Jew comedian who stole a Senate seat in Minnesota by demanding recounts until they managed to manufacture enough fake votes to steal a close election.  and then they stopped counting.  not so funny now.  actually wasn't very funny back then either.  i mean, he wasn't funny back when he was on Saturday Night Live, not when he was involved in stealing elections.

why do Republicans never gain votes in these types of things?  well, you know, the god of this world wills it.

Sarah Silverman is a Jewess who is still making a living as a comedian.  due wholly to talent and intellect and rapport with the audience.


i mean, wouldn't you pay to go see someone like this put on a show?

you Racist.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Crazy Eyes misrepresents the issue of Donatism

this is the rebuke i sent her:

Donatism was NOT about requiring the priests to be "perfect", and it is embarrassing that you would try to draw an Equivalence this False.
Donatism was the statement that Priests / Bishops who had committed APOSTASY, denied Christ in public and defiled the Scripture were no longer fit or mete to have or be an Authority in the Church.
but, of course, to be a Catholic and accept a celibate and unmarried clergy required disposing of every New Testament criteria to hold Church authority.  so it doesn't really surprise me that you would also dispose of the requirement that the man under consideration for the priesthood should have an excellent reputation.
A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

failing to grasp the crown of Martydom does not disqualify you from Salvation or from MEMBERSHIP in the Church, or from the possibility of Reconciliation with the Church at a later date.  committing Apostasy to avoid Martyrdom most certainly WOULD be a disqualifying condition to join the Clergy.
remember, Peter never denied the Divinity of Christ.  he denied that he was an associate of Christ.  that's not the same thing.
further, there is a significant DIFFERENCE between a Priest practicing secret pedophilia and a Priest publicly denying the Divinity of Christ and the Efficacy of the Word and the Sacrifice of the Cross.
in the second situation, the Laity know full well of the crime.  and by knowing, and accepting such a Criminal as having authority over them, in DIRECT CONTRADICTION TO SCRIPTURE, they themselves take partial responsibility for his vile act.  thus defiling the Bride of Christ.

here is the link to the podcast in question.  i quit listening as soon as i heard her claim that Donatists required the Priests to "perfect".  she goes off the rails within the first five minutes of her monologue.

another reason why Ann cannot admit that the Church had erred in this issue is the obvious one:  it's an absolute disqualification of the Catholic doctrine of "Infallibility". 

Ann admits that the 'Doctors of the Church' and all of the Popes have been in extreme error for 1700 years
all of the other Heresies which the Roman Catholic Church has promulgated as 'Magisterium' since ( for direct contradiction of the instructions laid out in the NT ) fail as a matter of course.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Fail Faster!

hard not to love guys who can have a sense of humor about their work.