Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Slavery still Lawful in the United States

some will tell you that the US Federal Government outlawed slavery with the adoption of the 13th Amendment.

they are flagrantly lying to you.  for the 13th Amendment itself tells you exactly how slavery may be practiced.   here is the text of the 13th Amendment, in toto:
"Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation."

you notice the second clause in section 1?  Slavery and Involuntary Servitude are both acceptable punishments for conviction of a crime.  by Federal Law, neither Slavery nor Involuntary Servitude are considered "cruel" or "unusual" punishments.

fucking lol.

of course, the 13th is one of the Reconstruction Amendments and is inadmissible as Law simply due to forced coercion of the Southern States ( invasion, murder, rape, theft from the Civil War and Reconstruction and withholding of their Rights as States until they subjugated themselves to the adoption of amendments to which not even all of the Northern States agreed ) to ratify these Amendments.

i just find it hilarious that even when you give the Yankees illegal Amendments to practice as Law they still can't get slavery banned.  even though they lie and say they did.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Black county sheriff declares that the Free Shit Army is

incompatible with 'ordered Liberty' and our Constitutional means of government, asserts that he is bound by law and his sworn oath to protect both life AND property.  which means that he has no intention of allowing the Free Shit Army room to riot and loot.

i think i like this guy.

A soothing musical interlude

Cuck Cinema: Valdez is Coming ( 1971 )

first, a disclaimer:
i like a lot of old movies in general and think that Lancaster has done some excellent work.  it's part of the reason why i watched this movie when it popped up.  which makes this movie that much more disappointing.  i'm not sure how much the movie script varies from the original book but if it is faithful plotwise then this is prime evidence that Elmore Leonard is also pretty cucked.  which is even more aggravating.

the major point about this movie that raised my hackles was the resolution scene:

without knowing anything else about the plot, this scene is clearly constructed for the explicit purpose of the humiliating the primary White Male character in the film.

it gets much worse when the plot is viewed in it's totality.

EVERY White character in this film, without exception, is a piece of shit.

Frank Tanner, the primary antagonist, opens the movie getting a black man killed due to a false accusation of murder and desertion and closes the film with that act of cowardice and rejection by the woman as seen above.   personal guilt and public embarrassment over his so obviously having desired his best friend's wife is his motivation for absurdly over-pursuing whomever he suspects of being the miscreant who murdered his friend.

Gay Erin, the widow who is fucking around with her husband's best friend a mere month (?) after his murder is the linchpin of the whole plot.  you see, the accusation that a Black man had murdered her husband is a bald faced lie, which she concocted in order to conceal the fact that she had murdered her husband herself.  being a cucked movie, she is of course completely forgiven for, at best, a second degree murder.

Gay Erin's deceased husband, never seen on screen, is accused by both Frank and Gay of having beaten her.  okay, so he's an abusive asshole.  the fact remains that she could have, you know, divorced him even back then.  the fact that she has no injuries whatsoever demonstrates that whatever he was supposed to be doing was clearly not debilitating or life threatening.  given the short time frame of the movie since his murder and Gay's complete lack of visible bruises it seems unlikely that there could have been much force involved at all.

RL Davis is the quasi-homicidal, cowardly young idiot.  he is the catalyst for forcing Valdez to kill Rincon, the Black man.  he is the only White character permitted one small saving grace though, he frees Valdez from the cross.

the town fathers first allow Frank Tanner to run amuck pursuing the falsely accused Black, then deflect all responsibility for his death onto Valdez himself and refuse to show any mercy to the pregnant Apache widow who was left behind.  they're Bourgeois, you see.

the White Sheriff is a wholly owned apparatchik of Tanner's gun running operation.

every 'good' character in this movie ( apart from Gay Erin, who is forgiven the crime of murder because White woman vagina ) is a person of color.

Valdez is the avenging angel who, though long suffering at the beginning, turns into the Terminator at the end of the movie.

El Segundo begins the movie simply as a henchman of Tanner but, due to his personal integrity and honor, turns his coat at the end of the film and aligns with his fellow Proletarians against "The Man".

Diego is the faithful sidekick even through great personal pain and sacrifice.

the Black dude had been honorably discharged from the military and died simply due to a false accusation.

the pregnant Apache wife is given a scene in which she stoically endures getting shot at without flinching.

so, as one can see, this film fully adheres to the perspective of the Communist Manifesto.

apart from that, this is a moderately interesting film.  the last escape scene is quite different, first Valdez is positioned between two horses in a kind of Superman flying pose, then, after Segundo shoots the near side horse and Valdez transitions up to a normal mount Segundo shoots the second mount.  as Valdez crashes it falls across the course of Gay's horse causing her to go down.

it's kind of shocking to remember that Hollywood movies used to be made without much concern for the well being of the animals.  i'd be shocked if at least one of those horses didn't get put down.

irony:  the three primary Hispanic roles in this film ( Bob Valdez, El Segundo and Diego ) are all played by White ( Burt Lancaster and Barton Heyman(?) ) or Jewish ( Frank Silvera ) men in Beanerface.  fucking lol.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

A short list of women more misogynist than me:

well, okay.

they aren't really more misogynist than me.  but they'd like to be.

hey, i thought it was the overtly faux feminist sensibilities of Mad Max:  Fury Road and Star Wars:  The Force Awakens that made them super sized block busters?  that 'misogyny is dead' just like Gamers?  a small, shrinking group fading away into the fringes of history?

but somehow they woke up and convinced 300 million people to be misogynists just like them to kill the new Ghostbusters release?

how does that work, exactly?

oh, yeah.  there's more of that Male Privilege, what with me demanding coherent, logical and reasonable answers.

This is what the Cultural Marxists think of as "subtle" ...

so, USA network is doing a series called 'Mr. Robot'.

on the interwebs, they've put up an advertising website called

when you visit this site, it pops up a faux dialog box to a group called "root@fsociety:"

the first control option for "root of society"?  massacre.

if you type this command in, you are presented with a fake 80s horror movie with this title
"The Careful Massacre of the Bourgeoisie"


no, that's not a reference to the war which was openly declared back in 1848.  nor is it a declaration of allegiance on the part of the producers or script writers for this show.  nor is it an endorsement of the homicidal lunacy of Mao and Stalin and so many others.

no.  of course not.  that's crazy talk.  that's John Birch Society conspiritard derangement.

to quote part of the prescripted dialog in the box:
"You can't stop being a puppet if you never even see the strings."

Friday, July 15, 2016

What is a banning offense at Ars Technica?

well, evidently, pointing out the publicly available information that the ArsTech 'Culture' editor is dating the author of the Ghostbusters review + acknowledging that he still hasn't had his willy whacked off is homophobotransgressive or something.

"You have been banned from this board until Fri Jul 22, 2016 9:41 am.

Please contact the Board Administrator for more information.

Reason given for ban: Personal attack, sexist and LGBTQ-phobic comment

A ban has been issued on your username."

what i got banned for was pretty close too:
"so, the author of the 'disinterested, yet favorable' review just happens to be Annalee's boyfriend?  yeah, no conflict of interest going on there."

this now constitutes a 'personal attack' in the Faggot States of America ... even if the conflict of interest is indisputable.

oh, hey, look, it's a Jew.

just to be absolutely clear, Ars Technica is issuing a bald faced lie when they accuse me of making a "personal attack".

i'm making an attack all right, but it's on their PROFESSIONALISM or lack thereof.  this is no surprise to us in GamerGate.  if you remember, Ben Kuchera and JournoList were the linchpin of the internationally coordinated "Gamers are Dead" stories.  well, Ben Kuchera got his start at Ars Technica.

so far as 'sexist', since when was it sexist to point out that someone has a boyfriend?  homos have boyfriends.  Annalee seems to demonstrate that bull dykes can have boyfriends too.  she's truly a progressive groundbreaker.  how dare you tell her who she can or can't date!

so far as  'LGBTQ-phobic', no one disputes that Charlie Jane has a Y chromosome.  if anyone should be following the undisputed consensus science on this, it should be the "I fucking love Science!" crowd over at Ars Technica.

according to wikipedia ( which is my source for this public domain picture ):
"Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz in 2011"

Friday, July 8, 2016

James Comey prosecuted Martha Stewart for lying about something that wasn't a crime

and allows Hillary Clinton to skate on multiple national security felonies?

James Comey needs to be immediately impeached, stripped of all titles and honors and prohibited from ever serving as a government employee again.

"In February 2003, Comey led the prosecution of Martha Stewart"

Friday, July 1, 2016

BBQ Chicken - Odnam style

2-3 whole, raw chickens

1 Cup Water
1 Cup Vinegar
1/4 lb of Butter or 1 full stick
2 Tablespoons Salt
4 Tablespoons Worcestershire Sauce

put all marinade ingredients in a sauce pan and stir occasionally until all butter is melted.

pour over sectioned raw chicken, cover ( vinegar + worcestershire is pretty pungent ) and marinate over night in the refrigerator.

pour marinade back into sauce pan and heat to a simmer / low boil whilst grill is being prepared.

use marinade to baste chicken often while on grill.

for extra Odnam style, you can add a couple of tablespoons of your favorite hot sauce or use a jalapeno pepper infused vinegar.

the sekrit sauce in this marinade is, of course, the Worcestershire sauce.  and the sekrit sauce in Worcestershire sauce is ... fermented anchovies.