Sunday, June 17, 2018

Communists have always been about fucking children, part 4357

Then aged in his 30s, the writer told Hewett: “I’m not interested in f..king children.’’ To which Hewett replied: “You’re the only one around here who isn’t.’’
The writer describes this unsettling exchange in a letter he sent to Kate Lilley this week, following allegations unveiled by The Weekend Australian that Hewett “encouraged” and “facilitated” her daughters’ early sexualisation in the predatory 1970s arts scene.
The writer said in his letter: “I wasn’t shocked (by Hewett’s question). I just thought that Dorothy was simply encouraging you (Kate) to rebel against the mores of the time.
“Merv (Lilley, Kate’s father) was at the conference, so he must have been complicit. Two old lefties, I thought, still trying to liberate society, starting with their daughters.’’

are these REALLY the people you want in charge of your children's education?

note that, once again, when these people say "pan-sexual" they really do mean everything.

this is Atheism applied in real life.

this is Feminism applied in real life.

this is Marxism applied in real life.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Stupid advertising ideas

"You've never had gas pains til you've tried Payne's in Gas City"

"My Tool is always King Dick"

Dr. William Hardman, Gynecologist

Saturday, June 9, 2018

i remember a day when Forbes magazine was bastion of the Right

too bad it now appears to be completely converged.

see this article lambasting the Star Wars fan community for being "racist, sexist, misogynist, homophobic".
"This comes amid rampaging racism, sexism, and other extreme toxic behavior from a segment of mostly male (and mostly white) fans who've taken to harassing female actors and artists for existing. This is all part of a larger bigoted backlash of complaints against Star Wars for incorporating people of color and other types of diversity into the previously predominantly white male storytelling."

Disney / Lucasfilm shit all over the previous characters, tell stories which are completely incoherent and contradictory, introduce new characters which are completely blah and forgettable and have them do stupid and counterproductive things ... but the paying public not liking the movies is because of "prejudice".

yeah.  right.

you know, pan-sexual ( the prefix "pan-" is derived from the Greek ) means someone who is sexually stimulated by ALL things.  the Set 'All Things' includes animals, men, women, inanimate objects and ... children.

the Globohomo Agenda knows now boundaries and is certainly not going to respect yours.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Buick VIN secrets

1962 was the first year for the six cylinder engine (after six cylinder production ended for the 1930 model year) and 1972 was the first year the VIN contained a digit that identified the specific engine the car came with. So, for 1962-1971 you can tell if your car came with a six or eight cylinder engine from the serial number or VIN using this:

-For 1962-1964, if the first digit of the serial number is a letter (A, B, or C), then the car came with a V6

-For 1962-1964, if the first digit of the serial number is a number (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, or 8), then the car came with a V8

-For 1965-1966, if the third digit of the VIN is an odd number, then the car came with a V6

-For 1965-1966, if the third digit of the VIN is an even number, then the car came with a V8

-For 1967-1971, if the 8th digit of the VIN is a 6, then the car came with a six cylinder engine

-For 1967-1971, if the 8th digit is anything other than a 6, then the car came with an eight cylinder engine

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Sunday, June 3, 2018

GQ? isn't that supposed to stand for "Gentleman's Quarterly"?

more like "Cuck Quarterly", am i right?

i mean, who else would take advice from a woman telling you that you shouldn't have a problem with her sleeping around on you?

one question:
does she have no problem with YOU sleeping around on HER?


Saturday, May 19, 2018

what passes for thought in what passes for the Leftist "mind"

notice all the signage in the background?




Leftists are so up their own asses that they haven't even noticed that Pimping / Procuring ( or Madaming )  prostitution is already illegal.

Leftists are so up their own asses that they haven't even noticed that Johns / Purchasing prostitution  is already illegal.

Leftists are so up their own asses that they haven't even noticed that, if they're really that desperate to get a whore, there are places where prostitution is perfectly legal.  is it really that hard to go to Nevada or Canada or Amsterdam?

Leftists are so up their own asses that they haven't even noticed that
IF you "decriminalize" prostitution
BUT you keep being a John illegal
THEN all you've accomplished is starving all the women who want to be whores.

 next up, Leftists declare Heterosexual marriage and reproduction to be illegal.

the only thing necessary to be a Leftist is to assert at least a score of impossible and mutually contradictory preferences to be "True" before you sit down to eat in the morning.  if you don't puke your breakfast back up, you won't have to get a doctor to perform a lobotomy on you.

because you've already lobotomized yourself.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Unfit to hold the office

"Trump's greatest sin is that he didn't drown the bimbo after he was done with her." - the Lyin of the Senate, Fat Ted 'Where's muh dick' Kennedy

"Trump's greatest sin is that he didn't have his boyfriend run a child prostitution ring out of his basement without his knowledge. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more." - Bawney Fwank

"Trump's greatest sin is that he doesn't thrash the bimbo while he's boinking her." - ((( Eric Schniederman )))

"Trump's greatest sin is that he didn't use his toddler as a prop in his dick pic selfies" - ((( Anthony Weiner )))

"Trump's greatest sin is that he didn't thrash the bimbo before he raped her. Depending upon your current definition of 'is'." - Bubba Clinton

"Trump's greatest sin is that he failed to eradicate the Bourgeois." - ((( Karl Marx )))

"Trump's greatest sin is that he didn't use official and licensed prostitutes." - ((( Eliot Spitzer )))

"Trump's greatest sin is that he's having sex with adult women." - ((( Jeffrey Epstein )))

"Trump's greatest sin is that he'd never have sex with a woman as ugly as Monica." - Bubba Clinton

clearly and obviously, Donald Trump is morally unfit to hold the office of President and must be impeached.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

John Henry: Rhetoric vs Dialectic

the Ballad of John Henry has many variants but, Rhetorically, they're all anthems of the Proletariat and Luddites against Industrialization.

what they have in common is that John Henry races against a steam drill, and wins, and dies from the exertion.

here's a Paul Robeson rendition, there are many more:

Rhetorically, John Henry works very well.  it resonates with people and it's still known a century later.

the problem comes when we examine the story Dialectically.  the John Henry narrative is about the value a Man brings to the job over and above anything any steam engine machine will ever be capable of.

but why is John Henry working on this tunnel?  why, he's building a tunnel for the steam train.  trains which have already put numerous teamsters and drovers "out of work".  in the same way that a steam drill will put John Henry out of work.

John Henry cannot rationally make any claim of Brotherhood with the Proletariat because he is helping to "destroy" the work of the wagoneers.

Soy Boy Solo

you remember how Leia told Han she loved him?  you remember how every time Leia tried to crap on Han, he gave it right back to her?  usually with a smirk or disdain of his own?

go to the 47 sec time stamp if this doesn't queue up.

((( Ehrenreich ))) may well be an abysmally shitty actor who only got his gig due to his membership in the group which the Goy must never notice.

but this is a writing problem.

you have a woman attempting to assert Frame and a Socially Dominant position such that she is qualified to demand that Han appease her.

and Han almost begs for her approval.

yes, yes, he's supposed to be callow and inexperienced.  but did he allow his flight instructors to Socially Dominate him?  "I was kicked out of the Flight Academy, for having a mind of my own."  nope, definitely not.  and those men controlled whether or not he would receive the certification which he had dreamed of having for his entire life.

at least when Leia did this, she was actual royalty and a ranking member of the Rebellion.  who is this stupid whore supposed to be?  and is she actually skilled at anything?

" They grew up as pals, as partners in crime. There is obviously the romantic side of things. But they grew up together. So they were kids together."

so, Han knows her every bit as well as she purports to "know" him.

Kathleen Kennedy wipes her ass with the men of Star Wars, part 6 gorillion.